Necessity of HIV Testing for People Who had Unprotected Sex

Everybody knows that HIV leads to AIDS, which is an incurable disease. Several reasons can lead to this disease. The most common reason is to have unprotected or unsafe sex. This disease makes your immune system fail slowly threatening your life. The main problem is that you cannot find any symptom of this disease if you try to find the same in the beginning. Thus, as a precautionary measure, you must opt for HIV testing in case you had unprotected sex with an unknown person recently. This test may be called STD test. STD means Sexually Transmitted Disease.

In order to go for this examination, you need to visit GUM clinics. These can be found everywhere nowadays. In case, you are a resident of London and looking for places to go for STD test London then you must know that there are plenty of clinics out here. At this moment, you must be concerned about the social factor. However, you can be rest assured that these clinics would pay great heed to your privacy. Moreover, it has been made a law that the reports from GUM clinics cannot be made public. Even insurance companies are not allowed to know the contents of the reports from these clinics.

Your parents or school would not also know about it even if you are below 16 years of age. In case, you are still not convinced, you can choose to change your name when you are undergoing tests. You must also know that this is a safe procedure and you need to worry in the entire process. The staffs in these clinics are extremely professional as well. Thus, they would give expert advice as well. You would be tested in a clean and healthy atmosphere; thus, there is no problem of any health hazard.

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