Benefits of Custom Web Development using Joomla

Joomla is one of the most popular and widely used custom web development platforms available. It is actually a very reliable content management system which allows the admin of the website to easily manage all the content on the website. Currently, there are more than 40 million commercial websites powered by Joomla. It offers a very wide range of features and extensive freedom to web development companies while developing websites over it.

The platform is very popular for creating corporate applications and web portals due to its flexibility and effectiveness. For those who want to extract most out of Joomla can always hire a reputed and experienced web development company from Indian sub-continent region and get their solutions built through custom web development methodology.

Some of the benefits of using Joomla for custom web development are:

Extensively tested and proven: Joomla provides a reliable content management system that offers usability, functionality and robustness that are far better than other content management systems. Being an open source system it has been well tested and has proved to be very effective for web application development.

Open source technology: It is an open source technology come with free license. This means that any PHP development company can use this platform for free to develop solutions for their clients. Joomla is free to use for any commercial purpose.

Full control over website content: Clients can take help of a professional PHP development company to customize the Joomla platform and provide them with a website where they can have full control over the content on it. The Joomla platform provides a very effective admin section on the backend that makes it very easy for the website owners to manage the content of their website. The backend section is very powerful and allows the admin to manage the content according to his wishes.

The built-in features: Built-in features like customer login, customized contact forms, survey, events, login section etc are very helpful in providing unique and powerful features to the websites built on Joomla platform. These built-in features are very effective in custom web development of solutions as even the most unique needs can be fulfilled through them. Further, an experienced web development company can easy create custom plugins to integrate those specific features that are unique for the clients business. Clients usually go for custom web development when they have requirements that are not fulfilled by generic solutions and require a more professional and experienced hand to help them out.

Web 2.0 enabled: Web pages built on Joomla are web 2.0 enabled. Web 2.0 is associated with applications that facilitate alliance on the internet, share information with each other and provide user-centric designs. Joomla pages offer many zipped features such as blog posts, comments, directory submissions, content evaluation and many more.

Joomla is a completely reliable platform for developing websites and web applications. Clients can easily find a reliable and experienced PHP development company if they just do a little research over internet. Custom web development projects are usually not very easy to complete therefore clients should make sure that they are partnering with the right web development partner if they want a successful and effective solution.



Chris Miller is a Mobile application developer at Xicom Technologies, a leading CMMI level- 3 Web Development Company, providing web development services, custom web application development and offshore web development services. Chris Miler also gives Guest Lectures on Mobile apps development when ever he get time.

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