How to enhance the web design and ranking of your website

A well designed website usually requires some sacrifice in the functionality of the website. The other way round has also been experienced a lot many times in the web design and development industry. A web development company needs to maintain a proper balance between the design, navigation and the interface of the website. An effectively designed website would provide enough visual cues to make the navigation easy and simple for the users. Further, most of the web design elements have no positive effect on the SEO ranking of the site and sometimes it may even have a negative effect on the rankings.

Mentioned below are few tips that can help a website look impressive and also have good ranking in the major search engines:

Optimize the images on the website: The images on a webpage can be optimized for major search engines. Nowadays, websites tend to have a lot of images therefore optimizing them has become a must to do thing. There are three main elements of an image that can help in optimizing it according to the requirements. Firstly, the file name of the image should be proper and contain relevant keywords. Dash should be used to separate words instead of underscore in the file name of the image. Secondly, add Alt attribute to every image. The alt attribute is now used by search engines to index the keywords that are relevant to the website. Use proper keywords in the alt attribute to tell the search engines about the related keywords on a webpage. Thirdly, an image can also have a title tag if it is a hyperlink and links internally. The title attribute will tell the search engines about the significance of the link and its landing page.

Make pages load fast: The loading time of a page also plays a significant role while deciding the ranking of a webpage by major search engines. Make sure that your website has fast loading pages. Some of the things you can do to make the website load fast are

  • Optimize the images on the website so that they are of optimum size and do not put much load on WebPages.
  • Use a file hosting service for hosting your images and all the media on the website.
  • Optimize the CSS of your website. You should consult a professional web development company for best results.
  • Any JavaScript or widgets should start loading only after the main content has been loaded. This will prevent your website from getting dragged in case the third party JavaScript is not able to load.

Copy Elements: Content is said to be the king due to its importance in a website and the leverage it has over search engines while they rank websites. If there would be no content on the website then no one would come to the site. Further, content is very important for SEO purposes. You need to have proper keywords and tags in it to make it search engine friendly. For enhanced SEO benefits and further information you can always contact any reputed SEO company in India and get your requirements fulfilled.

There are many more things that you can do to enhance your website but the above tips would be enough for now. However, the best solution would be to hire an experienced web development company with proven development techniques and SEO capabilities. There are many web design and development service providers in India who can offer reliable and professional services to clients from all over the world.


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