Birmingham: the perfect party venue

Some people think that London is THE only place to hold your prestigious party. It may well be the capital of England, but it’s not the only exciting city in the country – far from it.

If anything, trying to get to London can prove more of a hassle for party guests, as it involves a complex network of public transport and invariably an expensive night in a hotel afterwards. It’s not even in the middle of the country, so some people will have far further to travel than others.

For fairness, really, your venue should ideally be located in a vibrant city that is placed somewhere in the middle of the country – the Midlands, we might even venture to suggest. Yes, if you’re looking for the ultimate in party venues, Birmingham is where you should head.

As Britain’s second city, Birmingham is a thriving and energetic metropolis which endears itself to anyone that visits. Once a simple market town, it now boasts varied impressive architecture, busy tourism industry and a shopper’s paradise at The Bull Ring.

In fact, a recent US poll revealed that Birmingham has pipped London on a list of ‘must-see’ places to visit in 2012, thus any overseas party guests might be very pleased if your party takes place in Brum.

Why else might you want to hire a party venue in Birmingham? Well, it offers everything that London can but usually at a much more reasonable price. It offers a variety of accommodation to suit all budgets and tastes.

It also has its own airport, meaning links to and from Birmingham from around the UK or beyond are plentifully convenient. The buses/trains are similarly regular and wide-reaching, making the city easy to navigate. Incidentally, it offers lots of fantastic party venues. For those who are not intimately acquainted with the city, the internet can help you choose your venue.

Catering for its own culturally diverse population, Birmingham offers incredible nightlife – from specific-cuisine restaurants to international-themed bars. Therefore before, or after your party, guests can be getting in the mood.

Of course, there’s much more to Birmingham than simply what’s written above, but believe us when we say it is the perfect location for a party.


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