What is a Rack Computer

A rack computer is a computer that tends to be used mainly in commercial settings and for large scale IT infrastructures.  A rack mount PC or rack computer as they are known are designed to be housed in space saving storage devices that are racks which can hold a number of rack computer products at any one time. You don’t tend to see a rack computer on work desk as they are different to desktop PC’s. A rack mount PC is designed specifically to sit is a rack. You can get various rack sizes depending on the number of rack computer products you need to accommodate. When a rack mount PC is placed into a rack it should be held in place with screws to secure it down.
Racks holding a number of rack computer products tend to be housed in special rooms such as server rooms where all computer equipment runs from. This keeps them separate from the main office space to prevent the rack mount PC from being damaged, vandalised or tampered with. A rack computer can be an expensive piece of equipment and only experienced IT staff should really have access to the server room. Inside the server room you will need to have cooling equipment as when a number of rack computers are running it once a lot of heat is produced and they will get damaged if they overheat.  Another reason that rack mount PC’s are kept in a separate room is that they are fairly noisy when they are running, especially if there are a number running at the same time. This can disturb staff in they are not in a room with a closed door to keep noise levels down.
Companies who need to hold large amounts of data on computers such as web based businesses will need rack computer products and these will hold all the data and software that is used to run the websites and all associated systems. To set up and install a rack mount PC you will need to be experienced in this field as it can a complicated job and will need a professional to get it right.


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