Four Poster Beds Past & Present

Four poster beds are designed with vertical columns. The columns are four in number and are placed within each corner of the bed, while supporting the tester or better to say, upper panel. The earliest usage of these crouches dates back to 14th century AD. Most of the four poster beds available during those times were manufactured from the highest quality of Oak. These ancient items have almost gone obsoleted; however, one such item is still preserved carefully within the Crathes Castle. This Castle is located close to the Scottish town of Banchory. This 16th century castle still preserves one of the ancient 4 poster crouches for almost 400 years!

In recent days, the pure wooden beds are practically impossible to afford. They are very expensive. Most of the people are looking for cheap four poster beds. And in this process, they are not focusing on the quality. The cheaper substitutes are available from most of the furniture stores. Ply is the most suitable substitute that provides perfect finishing and excellent shine. However, the poser beds made from plywood will have a longevity limit for maximum period of eight to ten years. If one is lucky, then the period can extend by more. But, in most of the cases, the user finds it hard to retain these furniture pieces in the best of shapes even for 5 years!

Instead of ply, it is always better to opt for rattan. This material offers highest range of longevity without even fading away on the color or shadings. They are cheaper even than ply and are available in different designs and styles. To know more about these items, a quick searching session with the help of Google can be quite helpful.

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