For a comprehensive array of AutoCAD equipment and a service that is second to none contact The Cad Corporation

The Cad Corporation is based in Sandown, South Africa, with a further office in Centurion. WE have been successfully trading in this industry for over 20 years and with an accumulation of experience and training we have proven ourselves to be among the very best in providing the most up to date CAD software solutions to professionals in all sectors of the business world. We supply the most innovative Autocad and CAD software for industries, our revolutionary products which are computer aided design tools where the use of computer technology aids and allows the process of design as well as design documentation all at the touch of a button. This technology is most often used in the architectural, engineering, design and automotive sectors to help streamline your business, produce high quality precise figures and plans, reduce man hours , and productivity as well as affording you the best tools of the trade. Our CAD software involves a lot more than simply shapes; the technical information will convey concise information with regards to materials, dimensions and tolerance, which are all important and essential factors in the design and building of many products and buildings. This is a much more precise and quick method than doing it manually without the worry of human error. Our AutoCAD software is renowned throughout the world and widely thought of as one of the best design tools in the world. AutoCAD can be used as a super stand alone tool or as needs change you can purchase a multitude of add on products. CAD Corporation are passionate about their work, as well as the delivery of quality CAD software at the most competitive of prices, we are determined to provide the best customer service. We will make sure that full training is given on all our CAD software and AutoCAD products to ensure you are getting the best out of these great products.

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