Using a Domestic Recruitment agency

Domestic recruitment companies specialise in recruiting staff to work in domestic service roles. These roles tend to be based in people’s homes or estates and include a wide range of services to help run a household efficiently. Domestic recruitment services are very popular with people who lead extremely busy lifestyles and work very long hours. They are also used by very wealthy clients who can afford to invest in the luxury of having household staff. Using a domestic recruitment agency to find household staff is advised as they will ensure they only hire experienced, professional, reliable and discreet staff to work in your home.
Domestic recruitment agencies will recruit household staff for various different roles. These include estate managers, house managers, butlers, housekeepers, footmen, chefs, chauffeurs, cleaners, valets, lady’s maids, nannies, gardeners and caretakers.  Employing household staff will ensure you have an exceptionally presented home and that all guests are well received and cared for. A butler is a key member of household staff and performs many different duties. A butler’s duties typically include the daily running of the house, managing other household staff, maintaining household records and other duties that will ensure the household runs smoothly at all times.
Domestic recruitment agencies can also provide household security staff to ensure your personal safety at all times in or out of your home. Some people require combined household staff such as housekeeper and nanny in one who can perform a range of duties such as cooking, cleaning, shopping and taking are of the children. Household staff can be live in or live out depending on your specific requirements. A domestic recruitment agency will be able to arrange a number of staff that they or you can interview to help you find the perfect household staff to meet your needs.

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