So pro wrestling IS real!

When people describe pro wrestling as ‘not real’ in a specific tone that suggests they are trying to pass on wisdom to a child, they are implying that the sport is an activity without credit. People see it as entertainment and therefore the media is heavily involved which explains why there are a large number of PR agencies who work within the sports media industry. The implication is therefore, because the results of pro wrestling matches are predetermined, the sport cannot be compared with others such as football which sports fans class as ‘legitimate’ because nobody knows the end result.


But there is another side to wrestling. Amateur wrestling, although less popular it is 100% genuine. Athletes will train for more than 5 hours at a time and compete in matches throughout the year depicting quite a dramatic difference between the two. One can therefore understand how difficult the transition from amateur wrestling to pro wrestling would be and vice versa which is why nobody had ever attempted it. Until now.


Kurt Angle won an Olympic gold medal in 1996. He then became a roaring success in the pro wrestling World Wrestling Federation and shortly after took part in TNA Impact Wrestling which has a large public relations team lead by Jules Wortman. Angle’s current aim is to make the US Olympic squad for the 2012 Olympics, again a very public relations focused event after over ten years of doing pro.


With all the attention, media coverage and extensive storylines of pro wrestling it is easy to think his head has been turned by consistent public relations campaigns and press coverage often headed by companies specializing in sports PR. Should Angle make the team, he will be the oldest contestant in the US team, a whopping six years older than his fellow team mates. Fans of the sport will be hoping he doesn’t disappoint by not attending the trials or approaching the hard-core matches as “chess matches”.

So what has Kurt Angle got to prove? He has already proved everything in amateur wrestling and then proved everything again in the pro’s. So is his involvement in the US wrestling team just a stunt to generate more publicity for the US team as a whole? Or is Kurt Angle going to give one of the performances of his career? We will have to wait and see. But if Kurt Angle has the ability to win gold again, he will have been one of the most successful wrestlers in every major wrestling arena.

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