France Cell Phone Connecting to French Network

When you go to France you may learn that your phone does not work properly there. In order to make it work various standards need to be followed and in addition, there are the roaming charges that might be a matter of hindrance. Therefore, it is better to rent or buy a cell phone from France itself when you visit France to ensure that you stay connected. A France cell phone or a French sim card is the most affordable and convenient option for any traveller who visits France and stays there temporarily.  Let us now learn how to use <a href=””>France cell phone</a> and French sim card. Three basic conditions need to be met when using cell phone:

1. GSM is the standard mobile system used in Europe; hence, you need to check that your cell phone has the GSM or Global System for Mobile Technology available. Not all phones have GSM facilities so make a thorough check.

2. Your France cell phone must have tri band. The bands used by countries are different, some use 1900, some 1800 etc. France uses 900 to 1800. Tri band enables to connect properly and get proper signals.

3. If you are bringing your old phone and it has the above mentioned features then check that your sim card is unlocked, otherwise you can’t use it for calling. Even when you buy French sim card unlock it before using.

If arranging for such a phone is problematic then when you arrive in Europe, you can spend 30 Euros to get a prepaid <a href=””>French sim card</a> that has all the inbuilt facilities or you can rent a cell phone along with a sim card in it to make things easier for you. If your phone is not meant for global travel then you also have the internet, search for better online calling deals.

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