What is MBTI used for?

The Myers Briggs type indicator also known as the MBTI is a widely used personality testing tool and it is commonly used during assessment days and interviews to try and establish a person’s personality type to see if the interviewer thinks they suit the job role. The MBTI is well known in the business world and is the most widely used and accepted tool for assessing a person’s personality type accurately. The MBTI test is designed to catch people out who are trying to portray a different personality type in order to secure a job or in order for them to be perceived in a different way.

During the MBTI test you will be given a serious of statements and you must pick which one most fits your personality. The statements are repeated with slightly different wording throughout the MBTI to try and catch people out who are not answering truthfully.
Organisations will use the MBTI for many other purposes. It can used to help improve team work, build stronger teams with likeminded people and to resolve conflicts in the workplace and form part of stress management courses. Conflicts tend to arise when very different personality types have to work together.

If employers can get to know peoples personality types then they can build more effective teams and allow likeminded people to work together to achieve better results and a more harmonious workplace environment. The MBTI used to be carried out on paper but now more commonly it is done online which is easier and there is software that can interpret and analyse all the data for you.
An MBTI test is ideal for helping to highlight people who may be struggling at work and people who could benefit form attending a stress management course. More and more people are suffering from work related stress now more than ever so many companies are holding stress management courses for all their employees to tackle the problem before it arises. Some organisations will run regular stress management courses specifically for managers to attend so they are equipped with all the necessary skills to handle stress within their workforce.

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