Great mid-level LED-LCD

When reviewing a product, one must consider what they are reviewing? If I am reviewing a Nissan Maxima, I am going to judge it differently than if I am reviewing a Ferrari 458 Spider. As such, I am reviewing this product for what it is: a low-cost, mid-level LED-LCD.

After a great deal of research, both online and in the stores, I purchased the 47″ LV4400 from LG on Black Friday. Like many, I opted to get it from Amazon thanks to the free shipping on Prime.

Packaging: the box arrived in great shape, the TV was packed firmly in the styrofoam. All of the plastic on the TV was covered with a thin layer of wrapping to protect it from scratches in transit. Everything in the package was brand new.

Assembly: the stand attached quickly with four screws. My 5′ tall fiancee was able to attach the stand, then lift it onto our furniture (showing how easy and light it is). The TV stands on it firmly, with a little wobble if significant contact is made (as makes sense given the physics of levers). The stand could be a little heavier, to add more stability. But they offer another option, an extra screw in the back of the stand that screws down into the furniture you are placing the TV on. Assuming you don’t mind a little hole in your furniture that cannot be seen, your TV will be perfectly stable (I have two rambunctious cats that have a tendency to bounce around the living room, and have already had a cat leap off a climbing pole into the side of the TV and it didn’t even wobble).

Picture: the picture out of the box was decent, and many people could watch it perfectly well. There are simple presets that you can use to adjust the picture (sport, movie, etc.), or you can go into the full menu and have access to full picture controls. After maybe 5 minutes of messing with settings the picture was gorgeous. I have thus far watched HD television programs, sporting events (football and hockey), and movies, and been exceptionally pleased with all of them.

Sound: I have an 1100 square foot apartment, and can clearly hear the TV throughout the apartment on less than half volume. I personally increased the bass setting on the TV as it did feel a little weak, but that was my preference.

A Few thoughts for the naysayers:
– picture: “it’s grainy up close” – guess what, there is this idea with TVs, its called an “optimal viewing distance”. When choosing the size of the TV, measure from the TV stand to the location where you will be viewing it from a majority of the time. Take that number (in inches) and divide it by 2, and then again by 3. These two numbers create the range of TV size you should have in the room. So, if my couch is 9 feet from my TV stand (108 inches), then the range would be 36″ – 54″, making my 47″ TV perfectly sized for the space.
– sound: “it should have better speakers” – it’s less than 2″ thick, where are they going to hide these awesome speakers?! Again, the TV has good sound quality. The era of awesome internal speakers died with the spread of home entertainment systems.
– stability: “its wobbly” – attach the TV stand to your home entertainment furniture, as instructed by LG, and you will have no problem.

Final Words:
– This is a mid-level LED-LCD with very few bells and whistles. It’s not a Smart TV, or a 3D TV, so don’t expect that, or be disappointed when it’s not. It was a great price on Black Friday, and still continues to be a competitively priced TV. It will give the average user a great viewing experience, where they are able to enjoy a wide variety of programs, ranging from HD Sports to Blue-Ray and video games. Is it the top HDTV on the market? No, but if you are looking for a reasonably priced TV, this is a great choice.

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