Bollards of Steel has a selection of cycle stands that are as sturdy and strong as they are affordable

As experts in stainless steel manufacturing and design Bollards of Steel has a selection of products and services that are as strong and sturdy as they are durable and affordable. Our stainless steel bollards are noted for their elegance and style, and given our cycle stands are satin finished in Cutlery Grade S304.

In addition to the cycle stands, and additional products that we’re proud to offer our clients in cutlery steel grade, here at Bollards of Steel we have the skills and experience to manufacture stainless steel in Marine Grade S316. Ideal for implementation in coastal areas, water parks and petroleum or chemical plants, the  cycle stands, stainless steel bollards that we are able to manufacture are considered to be at the pinnacle of durability and ease of use.

The cycle stands that Bollards of Steel can offer provide the optimum in aesthetic appeal, strength and durability. We offer a wealth of design options to fit most any environment. In addition to the range of cycle stands that we can offer, here at Bollards of Steel we also offer you the opportunity to tailor cycle stands to your own bespoke design.

The quality of our standard cycle stands is more accurately represented by the Aberdeen stands. With their classic rectangular design which ensures that both wheels are securely fastened to the stand itself, and with a retail cost of eighty four pounds and ninety nine pence these cycle stands provide the optimum in affordability and safe and secure storage.

If you’d like to view the complete range of stands that Bollards of Steel can offer, from the traditional Aberdeen to the modern sloping triangular design cycle stands for secure storage, or to view and purchase any of the exquisitely crafted bollards that we can offer, then you need only come and visit our ecommerce website at:

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