Benefits of CHAS registration

Contractors Health & Safety Assessment Scheme or CHAS is a health and safety scheme that many contractors can join to show you are compliant with health and safety laws. CHAS registration is recognised across many industry sectors such as construction, care, haulage and distribution and manufacturing.

CHAS registration pre-qualifies organisations against basic standards of health and safety which can then used by local authorities and other organisations to verify that you meet minimum standards.

As CHAS registration is highly regarded it is designed to save other organisations carrying out the basic checks which open up more avenues as other companies will want to start a working relationship with you.

Having the basic CHAS standards demonstrates that you follow and practice the required health and safety laws, improve your chances of landing higher value contracts with more established clients and ensures the CHAS standards are infiltrated and communicated throughout your business processes.

Health and safety assessment of an organisation can be a slow and extensive process which can eat into your resources if it was duplicated for each new contract or client who may have different health and safety specifications therefore CHAS can help streamline and consolidate this process ensuring all new contracts supplier or client accept CHAS as the recognised standard as

CHAS will meet expectations of all clients and suppliers. The required level of CHAS will vary depending on whether you are a designer, CDM-C, a sole trader or if the company employs less or more than 5 people or whether the business is a care service provider. Once your CHAS registration has been successful assessed based on set success criteria then the company will be entered on the CHAS database for 2 years verifying that you or your company is compliant.

The CHAS registration application must be refreshed every 2 years to stay on the database. CHAS accredited means you are able to use the CHAS logo on any vehicles or stationary.

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