Be a little more imaginative using Stainless Steel Bollards for building protection

Bollards are practical aren’t they? You simply fit them outside your building and they prevent vehicles from wandering where they shouldn’t hanging about near cycle stands. Hang on a minute though, are we doing bollards an injustice, surely there’s more to stainless steel bollards than first meets the eye.

It’s true that Stainless Steel Bollards provide a strong visual presence when they are sited outside buildings but just look at those sleek designs. Stainless Steel Bollards are shiny, they ooze style and sophistication and dare I say a certain amount of flair.

Traditional types of bollards might have a massive snooze factor but Stainless Steel Bollards are really quite trendy. Look at Stainless Steel Bollards in a different light because they’re actually quite stylish and elegant features that look fabulous when fitted outside of buildings.

Is there more to stainless steel bollards than simple good looks?

Of course there is. Okay, you can’t deny the handsome good looks of Stainless Steel Bollards made by manufacturers of quality cycle stands. It’s little wonder the Stainless Steel Bollards look so good though they’re made from S304 grade metal. Know what that is? It’s only cutlery grade material. Stainless Steel Bollards are made from the same metal as your finest dinner set!

Are you impressed? You should be. This ensures the Stainless Steel Bollards look just as stunning many years down the line no matter what the weather has in store. Good looks and hard wearing properties, surely that’s something the Stainless Steel Bollards can be proud of?

Consider the features of stainless steel bollards

Right, what else do Stainless Steel Bollards have to offer? Well you can choose marine grade Stainless Steel Bollards that are ideal in coastal settings, water parks and extremely harsh environments.

There are plenty of different designs of Stainless Steel Bollards ranging from dome shaped posts to mitre topped products that can be fitted with reflective strips for safety purposes.
Stainless Steel Bollards can be laser engraved with a host of pictures they can show ‘no cycling’ images on the top of the bollards for example. They can be permanent features or removable Stainless Steel Bollards can be used in conjunction with sturdy ground sockets used on an ad-hoc basis.
With a bit of imagination you can provide protection around a building using a diverse range of quality stainless steel features including stainless steel bollards and cycle stands.

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