Whey Protein Side Effects: Discover On Time

Whey protein is one of the most preferred supplement diets among body builders. It is a good source of mineral salts, protein, and residual lactose. Protein is crucial for the development and repairing of body muscles. It is important to read the components of the supplement before purchasing it. You should consult nutritionist or an expert before consuming any type of food supplements. Whey protein is considered safe but like any other product, there are some important points to be considered before consuming it.

Whey protein side effects start appearing if it is consumed in large quantities. It is important to read the label for dosage and confirm it with your nutritionist. Some people think that double dosage will lead to enhanced results. They are unaware of the fact that whey protein contains high level of lactose, which takes time in being consumed by the body. Some of the common symptoms include dizziness and patient may feel nauseated.

If taken in excess, whey protein side effects may lead to strong stomach cramps and may even result into diarrhea. In some cases, it is found that whey protein has resulted into excessive acid production in body. If you are taking whey protein diet supplements then it is important to consume large amount of water. Another possible side effect is irritable bowel syndrome under which the patient may experience sudden urge to have bowel movement. You may even feel dull headache in the beginning that may lead to stomach cramps at a later stage.

Whey protein should be used as a dietary supplement only and it should not replace your regular diet. There are chances that the first time users may feel shrinkage of their appetite. However, it is important to continue regular meals and snacks in between. Keep in mind that it is a body supplement and it is better to get as much as protein in your body as possible through your regular diet.

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