Side Effects Of Whey Protein

Protein supplements are one of the most important dietary supplements required by the bodybuilders. These supplements act as the replacement of the meal and fulfill the necessary protein requirements in the body. There are different types of protein supplements available in the market.

Those are whey, casein, soy, egg white, rice, hemp seed etc. Among these protein supplements, whey protein is one of the most important and widely used one. Whey protein supplement is used as a starter supplement. This protein is dairy product and is a result of cheese making process. If you do not have a good lactose tolerant level then this particular supplement is not recommended for you. The lactose level in whey protein powder is 5-6%.

Though whey protein has beneficial effect on your body, it might have some side effects as well. We will discuss few of most common whey protein side effects here. The most common side effect is kidney stone development. The development of kidney stone is because of the deposition of the protein in the kidney. The other common whey protein side effect is damaging the liver cells.

However, there are no proofs as of now that the kidney and liver damage are possible and common side effects of whey protein. Whey protein can also make your blood acidic in nature. For this reason, more calcium is being drawn from bones making it less strong. The most important and watchable side effect of whey protein is the lactose intolerance. You need to watch for this side effect. Lactose is one of the components in milk and as whey protein is a by-product of milk, you need to get yourself tested for lactose tolerance level. If you have vulnerable to lactose level, then whey protein is not recommended for you.

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