Reasons For Using Japan Mobile Phone In Japan

Mobile phone is the most important device that people use in today’s world. Not only they are used in home location, people use them when they travel to domestic and even international destinations as well. People find it quite important to stay connected wherever they go. However, they have to face certain difficulties using their own mobile phone when they travel abroad. If example is to be cited, one has to use Japan mobile phone if he travels to Japan. This is because the carrier network technologies are different in Japan from the rest of the world.

It can be said without a doubt that Japan’s cell phone market is a paradox. This is because on one hand, the products are far ahead of European and American products in technology with some amazing capabilities and features. However, on the other hand, they did a very little or no inroads overseas. You would be surprised to know that Japan like the other few countries uses PDC and PHS rather than using GSM and CDMA like other major countries. The bottom line is that it is not possible for foreigners to use their own mobile phone in Japan.

In case you want to use your personal cell phone in Japan, you have to make things clear with your service provider whether it would work in Japan or not. Most probably, it would not work if you have a GSM enabled phone. However, if your phone is 3G enabled, it may work depending on the type of phone and the service it can use. In order to make things easier, you can take Japan phone rental and return it when you leave Japan for your home location. You just need to pay the charges applicable for calling and renting during the stay here.

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