Android lost steam in App War With Apple iOS in January

Google has definitely made Android as one of the most popular mobile operating system both for smart phones and tablets. However, this platform could be losing in the app war between Apple’s iOS in January 2012 especially when it comes to new app development. Compared to Apple, fewer apps were developed for Android platform in January than last year according to a mobile software data analyst, Flurry. In comparison, only one Android app is made for every three apps for Apple iOS. Last year, at least two Android apps are developed for every three apps for Apple.

Although this results are only based on the number of apps developed using app development tools from Flurry, the major changes could indicated that Google is starting to lose some steam in its effort to sweep over the industry dominate Apple App Store. Currently, Apple App Store has over 550,000 apps compared to mere 400,000 from Google’s Android Market. These companies rely heavily on the number of available apps in their respective app stores to make their products more appealing to consumers who may already have their devices. Peter Farago, Flurry’s VP for Marketing confirmed that there has been a lot of migration to iOS and majority are former Android developers who may have seen more potential with Apple’s App Store.

On the other hand, Android app development could offer long term profitability especially with in game products. Even with the decline in the number of apps being developed for Android platform, it has not prevented the increase of sales for Android devices both on smart phones and tablets. App developers still view Android platform as a useful long term source of profits as Google continues to iron out some of the issues that prevent developers from maximizing their potential. For short term investments, Apple’s iOS may have some advantage but in the long term, Android remains full of potential.

As the number of Android users continues to increase, Android app development will also continuously improve. This will not only benefit Android users because the business community has also been presented with a new niche in marketing that will allow them to expand their reach in the market. And since using the technology for developing an Android application is very easy to use, Android users can expect tons of new Android apps in the market before the year ends.

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