Marbella Weekends In A Different Natural Setting

Marbella the exotic holiday town in southern Spain has experienced several changes over the past few years. However, despite the transformations, the town continues to retain a fun feel- a soothing ambience that may largely be accounted to the warm and sunny weather. People from various corners of the globe visit the city during the hot summer months.

There was a time when only the affluent families could afford to spend Marbella weekends. Now the town is thronged by people of varying pocket sizes, budget travelers enjoying the lovely beaches and devouring the excellent food just as royally as the more financially well of ones. This has earned Marbella the reputation of being a town that can offer everything from the sea to the sun to the steaks.

For those among you wondering if Marbella weekends can give you more, the answer is-they certainly can. This is the main reason why Marbella hen, stag or family groups are tempted to visit the place again and again.

It has to be borne in mind that the locals take great pride in the gardens and parks dotting Marbella. For a closer brush with nature, head out of town towards the mountains of Sierra Blanca and finally to the Nagueles Park. Mostly visited during educational trips, the park is a well- kept patch that gives people an opportunity to taste a dash of adventure sports or enjoy the breathtaking ocean views.

The list of beautiful parks to visit does not end here. While the Alameda Plaza features an excellent collection of flowers and tropical plants, the Parque de la Constituion is the ideal place to host picnics under the bright and cheery Spanish sun. Nonetheless, the Arollo de la Ripressa qualifies as the most scintillating green area in the city. A former riverbed, the place has been skillfully transformed into a lovely garden. Marbella weekends are virtually unimaginable without a trip to the wonderful patch.

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