Say Goodbye to Skin Tags with Dermatend Ultra

Dermatend is a 100% natural formula that can remove skin tags, warts and moles effectively without the pains of surgery.

Dermatend Ultra is the more powerful version of the medicine, which promises to remove skin tags and moles as quickly as 24 hours. Dermatend Ultra, the latest addition to the Dermatend family, is completely safe and has no side effects.


Some of the ingredients of Dermatend are Sanguinera Canadensis, distilled water vegetable glycerine, mineral salts, and bloodroot.

How to use:

It is required to scrape skin tags and moles before application of the crème. The formula is applied only when a scab developes. The tube comes with a detailed set of instructions for usage. It is important to follow the instructions as mentioned or else effectiveness of the medicine is reduced.


It usually takes two to three days before results are visible. However, the Ultra version promises results as early as 24 hours. The results depend on the size of the moles and skin tags.

Why choose Dermatend Ultra?

The product does away with the pains and expenses involved in a surgery and restores your self-confidence in a matter of days. It also guarantees and scar-free skin which is not possible with surgery. It is the fastest way of getting rid of your moles.

To ensure zero infections, the crème comes with an antibiotic formula as well. This Quick Healing Balm comes absolutely free with a pack of the crème.
Get a psychological relief:

Moles and skin tags are rooted deep, not only in your body but also in your mind. They often cause low self esteem and often effect who you are. Here is your chance to get rid of such personality issues without any pain, hassle and excessive spending of money. Dermatend is the answer to your problems.


A pack of Dermatend comes at a very reasonable price and the product comes with a 60-days money back guarantee. If you find the formula ineffective after using it for 60 days, you can return it and Dermatend offers a 100% refund. However, with a 97% success rate, we are confident that you will not have any complaint.


The success rate of the product is equivalent to its nearest competitor in the market Wart and Mole Vanish. The pricing is made to suit the convenience of buyers and the product has also been re-designed recently to face stiff market competition.

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