Normal LCD & LED LCD Television Sets -Some Differences

There has been a great improvisation in the television technology. The type of TV sets that were used during the early days has started disappearing from the market. When the television set first got introduced at the market, the screens used to be convex in nature. As a result, the images appeared a in a certain curved pattern. With the passing of time, the screens used to get modified. During the 90s era, a lot of television set started to get manufactured with flat and semi-flat screens. This type of screens became much popular. However, the real revelation in television came with the arrival of Plasma and LCD television sets.

While the normal television sets uses cathode ray tubes for displaying images, the LCD uses the principle of liquid-crystal displaying for generating images on the screen. This results in far superior imaging and greater viewing experience. Keep in mind that LCDs are much slimmer & lighter in weight, irrespective of their large screen sizes. Presently, there is another form of LCD TV that has met up with rave reviews in the market. It is known as LED television sets. Light emitting diodes are used to provide the display. However, there are certain differences between a normal LCD display and that of a LED display. Have a look:

A LED display has the ability to generate images that have higher dynamic contrast if compared to normal LCD displays.

LED TVs are slimmer than LCDs.

The LEDs have a wider range of color gamut to offer during the time of using RGB-LED backlighting. The option is minimal in LCDs.

LEDs are much more eco-friendly and hence can cause lesser pollution to the environment while being disposed.

Finally, an LED television will definitely be more expensive in pricing but at the same time, consumes lesser amount of power to operate. More importantly, the display is far better if compared to normal LCDs.

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