LCD Television Sets – The Right Choice For Better Viewing

With the advent of newer technologies, television sets have taken newer shapes and designs. Those age old square shaped television sets with semi oval screens are not the best option to avail these days. Rather, everyone is looking for better options while watching movies or sports at home. Everybody wants to experience the theatre effects these days while watching movies at home. And with the invention of LCD television the dreams of millions have become a success. Viewing serials, movies, sports, or any live event on this sort of a television set is always an amazing experience.

They are mostly rectangular in shape with pure flat screen. Have you ever visited a multiplex to watch movies? There, you will observe the screen to be absolutely rectangular with concaving at all. Similar is the designing structure for most of the LCD televisions sets. In fact, these television sets are lighter in weight and slimmer in appearance and takes up lesser amount of space if compared to the traditional TV sets (cathode ray tube technologies).

The full form of LCD is Liquid Crystal Display. The LCD TV sets use the liquid-crystal display technologies to generate the images on the screen. Some of the notable manufacturers of this type of television sets are Sony, Panasonic, LG, Samsung, Philips, Videocon, & Akai. Presently, the demand for 3D television sets is quite high. But, most of the television sets that have the 3d viewing facility, fails to provide that exact effect like that of a movie hall.

In most of the cases, the viewer needs to sit in a particular position with head still to experience the effect. However, the latest product from LG has achieved success in eliminating such faults. The television is known as LG cinema 3D. This is presently the only 3D television set available at the market that provides for the complete 3d viewing experience while viewing from any angel or any corner of the room. These TVs are priced around $2000.00 (prices vary according to the size of the television set).

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