All About Kids Abuja Support Educational Reformation In Nigeria

AAK Abuja shows support for Educational Reformation in the giant of Africa, by introducing various school activities which have proven to engage and enlighten kids in Nigeria.

Nigeria is a multi-ethnic country with different languages and cultures. Children of all ages are grappling with religious, cultural and phonetic influence of their native languages, culture and religion. The main objective of Educational Reformation in Nigeria is to circumvent the influence that these societal factors have on the developing child.

All About Kids Abuja is introducing a monthly Cinematic Event where kids watch movies and discuss the movies in a classroom environment. By doing this, kids are able to see how fun learning can be and establish a habit of finding out more when things interest them. Kids can build analytical skills by discussing movies and documentaries; what will happen next? Who did it? What will the result be? What could that character have done instead? Asking these types of questions will help them learn to think, solve, and predict.

In most developing or developed countries, Educational Institutions find new and innovative ways to educate children. All About Kids Nigeria introduced a Legendary Nigerian Superhero last month which caught the attention of many parents and educational bodies. Inspired by the attention and encouraged by feedback received, All About Kids Abuja will be launching kids Movie Cinema on the 3rd of March 2012. This event will be taking place at No 10 Owena Close off Yedseram Street Maitama Abuja.

A spokes person of the publicity team spoke about the societal benefits of this event to the Nigerian public. “Through media, kids can explore places, animals, or things that they couldn’t see otherwise. We want to impact the children in our care with the right kind of movies, cartoons and documentaries to help with societal development and to bridge the gap between cultures and religions.”

These movies will be occurring once a month and is intended to benefit the children, their parents, and the general family structure. All About Kids will give parents 4 hours of “ME” time once a month and help with family solidarity.

See the All About Kids Face book Fan page for cost and other information. or call 234-8127750300


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