Have a Fabulous Vacation at Albufeira Water Park

The very famous city of Portugal, Albufeira is considered the main tourist destination mainly because of its coastal location. This place has a count of 23 beaches, with the city center containing seven of them. Apart from the beaches there is much more that you can do like visiting some famous churches, which take you down the history lanes. In case you are a night person, then Albufeira does not disappoint you as the city boasts of some good bars and clubs.

However, while in Albufeira, you cannot leave the place without visiting the Albufeira water park. And more so, if you are travelling with children. Two of the very famous Albufeira water parks are the Zoo Marine and the Slide and Splash. These are the best places to relax and cool off from the heat. An Albufeira water park boasts of some of the best water slides having different levels to choose from, depending upon your adventure streak. Besides this, you may even get to watch shows featuring dolphins or sea lions along with the hosting of some educational exhibitions. Zoo Marine also has a large aquarium where you can see the most exotic marine life. Set in pleasant locations, these water parks serve as good picnic spots for travelling families.

In addition, this travelling experience cannot be completed without playing golf in Albufeira. This place is a premier spot for golf in the whole of Europe. A large number of amateurs as well as pros visit Portugal to play golf in Albufeira. The city is known for its plush golf courses and one must visit the place in order to feel the experience.

The next time you are in a fix about the place where you can holiday with your family, choose Albufeira as your one stop destination.

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