Famous Sightseeing Spots in Barcelona

Located on a plane that rises gently from the coast to wooded hills, Barcelona has come to occupy a prominent position on the tourist map of Europe as a cosmopolitan hub. One of the busiest Mediterranean ports, the city is dotted with a range of exciting clubs and bars. While the place may come across looking hedonistic on the outset, the reality seems otherwise. Barcelona is a dynamic and hardworking city working its way towards a new identity. Let us now take a look into the Barcelona sight seeing spots for your weekend getaway to the Spanish town.

In the first place, you should certainly make it a point to visit the southern part of the city. The Pendes valley attracts thousands of tourists each year. The greenery together with the undulating terrain makes for an enchanting visual treat. The valley is also famous for Cava, a variety of Champagne. Majority of the tourists devote an entire day exploring the region, experiencing the calmness surrounding it.

From south it is time to move northwards. North of Barcelona, Montserrat Shrine is undoubtedly a popular tourist hotspot. Situated forty kilometers from the centre of town, Montserrat is a famous pilgrimage. Hence, devotees from different corner of the globe flock to the shrine each year. Barcelona weekends simply cannot go without a trip to this holy site. La Moreneta, the statue of Black Madonna, is probably the main draw. According to popular belief, the statue was created by Saint Luke.

Museums form an interesting part of the Barcelona sightseeing haunts. The Salvador Dali Museum is a case in point. Packed with a plethora of wonders, the place is certainly worth a visit. You can also choose Barcelona weekends for a dig into Spain’s cultural as well as architectural past. At night, thousands of bright lights make the city glow with a heavenly aura. The local flamenco dance performances embody the energy of the place every inch. Among other Barcelona sightseeing spots, the Gothic quarters, the Christopher Columbus Mountain or the Guell Park deserve a special mention.

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