Wear Rigth Dresses Depending On Dress Code

Parties, gatherings, graduation ceremonies, and romantic, candlelit dinner dates all have something in common: They are special occasions that require a particular dress code. You do not show up in a formal family get-together clad in jeans and a sweatshirt, right? When choosing a dress, take note of the kind of fabric, design, cut, and color that the garment has.

For afternoon parties to be held in a garden, or any place that suggests elegance and serenity, it is more appropriate to wear plain or evening dresses on sale the hemline of which falls half an inch below the knee. The fabric does not really matter here. You can wear chiffon, satin, or cotton dresses as long as they are lightweight, so that you can move around with ease. Personally, I prefer pastel-colored pieces for this, since those suggest feminity and gentleness. Wearing something neon can be overwhelming for the eyes and does not match the mood and the suggested time.

On the other hand, choosing something that goes very well with the venue will make you look like a part of the mantelpiece. The trick is to pick dresses with colors that complement the environment. A piece of advice: donning a green dress in a garden is a fashion faux pas. Know how to blend in with the dominant colors in the venue. Balance is the key to an elegant yet fashionable and appropriate dress. Safe picks are the little black dress, beige halter top and white cotton skirt, and a white ruffled top tucked into a black velvet, high-waisted, pencil skirt.

If it is an evening cocktail party, then you can be bold and stunning in a red, thigh-skimming dress. This is the moment when wearing vivid colors, psychedelic prints, and geometric patterns are stylish, sexy, and even sophisticated. You can experiment with color blocking. A cotton and linen dress in patterns of aqua, black, beige, and white evening dresses, are the perfect attire to make heads turn in a bar. A hot pink off-the-shoulder dress is also a stand-out. Keep in mind that wearing clothes in such colors and prints does not require much make-up.

Weddings and receptions do not really have a general dress code. What you have to consider is the occasion’s motif. For spring to summer weddings, pastels and dresses with softly sculpted shapes and girlish accents are better. They have a relaxing effect. In contrast, weddings in the fall and winter seasons ask for more dramatic colors. A silver brocade dress or a gray satin corset dress is perfect for the affair.

Lastly, romantic dates call for dresses with feminine hues such as baby pink, old rose, gold, beige, and white cocktail dresses uk. Unless you are going to dance on the rooftop, there is really no need for you to wear a long dress. Casual elegance is the apt style. As much as possible, do not wear dresses with provocative cuts, lest you want to attract the attention of other members of the male species. You can go for sleeveless and off-shoulder tops, though.

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