VOCOTERRA announces the launch of its premier line of Naturally Smart Skincare.

Vocoterra announced today the launch of its new line of face and body skincare products for the whole family. “I think our naturally based products are truly amazing, but it can be very confusing to navigate a product label these days. Conventional marketing wisdom aside, I believe consumers are ready for and deserve honest information. Clarity on both our labels and our website, with hopefully s

Vocoterra’s formulations are rich in naturally derived ingredients from the earth and sea. Natural and organic botanicals along with other natural ingredients such as volcanic lava and mineral salts are abundant in the line. Forty-one of its forty-eight products are also pure vegan, with the seven non vegan formulations containing bee ingredients such as bee propolis and honey. Three product categories, Denuo, Nutrio and Claro, are dedicated to facial care, with other categories being Corporo (Body), Balneo (Bath), Viro (Men), Pediso (Feet) and Little Rabbit by Vocoterra, which is specifically designed for babies and tots.

Vocoterra’s primary focus is to deliver results, with ingredients that are natural, beautiful to use and safe for your skin. The company’s three guiding principles are:
1.    To strive for the finest natural and organic ingredients from the earth and sea
2.    To deliver formulations that maximize both results and safety.
3.    To be eco and animal responsible to the earth.

Vocoterra’s secondary focus is to be straightforward about what’s in their products and why.
Many personal care products today make the claim of “natural” or “organic” because they
have met the regulatory percentage content minimums to do so. However, look further on the label and you will often still find harsh chemicals and additives such as dyes and perfumes. All Vocoterra products carry the precise percentage of naturally derived ingredients on the label (90% to 99%) and all are free from sulfates, phthalates, parabens, artificial colours and perfumes.

When it comes to preservatives, Vocoterra’s position is clear. “I really cannot agree”, adds Ms. Blair, “with the promotion of 100% natural skincare as ‘safe’. Although there are some exceptions, such as oils, unless you are planning to keep your skincare products in the refrigerator and use them quickly, you need a preservative. Until there is a natural preservative proven to keep products safe from molds and bacteria, we choose to rely on the newer, milder synthetic preservatives to do just that.”

About Vocoterra
Vocoterra is the foremost division of Sciostream Therapeutics Incorporated, a privately held company established in January of 2010 with a focus on health and wellness and less invasive medical device products; industries in which its founder, Sylvia Blair, has an extensive management background. A year in the making, Vocoterra was born out of a personal passion to bring naturally based skincare choices to consumers, that not only deliver results with sumptuous, beautiful to use products, but do so in a way that is open and informational as well: Naturally Smart Skincare.

Vocoterra products are available directly on-line at www.vocoterra.com and will be available through select health and wellness spas.


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