Prague Stag Weekends – Enjoy, Party, Or Just Relax

Prague is the capital of the Czech Republic. It is situated on the Vlatava River in the north west of the country. Prague is a very popular tourist destination and has visitors throughout the year coming with their families or friends and others to spend stag and hen weekends here. Prague stag weekends attract many people for various reasons.

It has a temperate oceanic climate where the summers are warm and winters are chilly, which makes the crowds flock here. Prague has a very rich historical background having two Roman emperors and being the capital of the Holy Roman Empire. It is graced with a number of stately buildings and ancient castles like the Astronomical clock, Charles Bridge and Prague Castle. The Czech cuisine is another major attraction.

A typical Czech meal begins with a soup or polevka which can be potato or clear beef or thick goulash soup. The main dish is usually based on pork or even chicken, duck or meat. An interesting dish is the knedliky which are dumplings served with sauce or even whipped cream. Besides there are other snacks like utopenec and zavinac which are traditional beer snacks. Prague has a great reputation for its nightlife. There are various pubs, nightclubs, restaurants and strip bars allover the place. There are pub tours organized to learn more about Czech history and history of Czech beer from a different angle! These stay open throughout the night for one to enjoy your special prague stag nights.

Besides these there are various activities which men can indulge in like shooting, archery, paintball, go karting, sledging and golf. Unique trips are organized to watch the Czech football league to see the top players in action or even to witness ice hockey matches. In winter one can go skiing, snow boarding and even on cross country trips. A visit to the skoda car factory is a must, so all you men out there – Prague stag weekends beckon you!

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