Doing Things Differently for the Perfect Hen Dos

Hen dos are an old custom wherein a dinner party is organized for the bride-to-be by her close friends or family a few days before the wedding. It’s a time to forget all the worries and strain that comes along with wedding preparations and enjoy to the fullest. Over the years, hen parties have become innovative and exciting.
Hen challenges

Hen challenge cards guarantee you a night of laughter and fun as the hen goes about completing her challenges. Include some funny tasks like getting the shirt button of a guy or dancing with a stranger, or getting a guy buy her a drink or collecting business cards of the first three guys that walk in. Every challenge will bring more fun and make the hens night completely hilarious.
Hen quiz

You can make things more difficult for the bride by asking her questions related to her husband-to-be. Test her by asking some really personal questions like favorite movie, favorite color, the first meeting, the most embarrassing moment, touching moment and so on. Of course, you will have to first get all the answers from the husband before you start the quiz.
Hen night themes

You may have a themed hens night with everyone dressed in different costumes. You can all dress up as some cartoon characters or play particular characters from your favorite show. Themed parties should be planned in advance as it will take a while for you to find the right costumes.

The whole idea of having hen dos is to make the bride feel special. Hen parties need not be expensive or extravagant. A little planning and some creativity is all it takes to plan the perfect hen night. Round off the hen party with a personalized Hens Book that has snapshots of the hen do and messages written by everyone who attended the party. This could be just a party for you, but for the hen it could mean the world!

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