Do Not Let the Blocked Drains Block Your Mind

Drains are means by which waste from toilets, kitchens and surface water are disposed off. They are an imperative part of every household. They are present inside and outside a house and have to be kept clutter free to prevent any kind of blockage. They are connected to sewers, which collect the waste from every household.

Detecting a Blocked Drain

Blockage can be detected when water does not flow freely through the drains due to hair, dust and other particles being trapped inside the pipe and it starts accumulating. The situation worsens when shampoos, detergents and conditioners add on to the mass and further clog up the drain. When this mass becomes very dense water cannot pass through and starts overflowing.

Problems Due To a Blocked Drain

The blockage causes the water to drain very slowly or become stagnant causing the rubbish to accumulate at the mouth of the drain .This often leads to bad odor and the basin or bathtub cannot be used until it is cleared. The day-to-day routine of the household is hampered.

Ways to Unblock a Drain

First, the source of the blockage has to be identified. In case of a bathroom sink, the plug has to be removed. If this does not work, then the nut that holds the sink can be removed and the source of the clog will be identified to get rid off. Once this is done, water will start flowing freely. However if the clog persists a drainpipe plunger can be used to that effect. Here the plunger creates a suction, which clears out the clogged material. In case of the toilet, a toilet auger can be used. Often chemicals are applied if this fails though they can be harmful for the bathroom hardware. Finally, if no above ideas succeed, it is always best to call for professional help as they have special gadgets to clear the mess!

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