While App Developers prefer Android, iPhone App Development Still Rules

According to a recent survey majority of app developers still prefer Android over Apple. However, in the smart phone and tablet industry, Apple still offers a very promising growth especially for third party app developers. The overnight success of Angry Birds is a clear proof how iPhone app development still is a viable investment option for developers. The proper implementation of the development process for all iPhone apps can provide immense success over night which in turn will earn developers a huge amount of money. All it takes is proper marketing and strategic launching amidst a market hungry of new and highly innovative applications for smart phones.

The compelling thing about iPhone app development is that even with its very secretive and highly reserved development procedures, virtually anyone can create applications compatible with all iPhone devices. The process of creating an Apple application is so easy which has brought a new wave of indie games and applications ideal for smart phones and other platforms. Another factor that contributes to the fast growth of iPhone app development is that there is no need now for big companies to handle the development stage of the application. Any newbies with the right game concept and proper background on source coding and other key tools used for developing apps will be able to create an application that will dwarf any of the existing smart phone apps today. All a person needs is learning the basic knowledge of programming language and create a unique gaming concept that will bring iPhone app development to another level.

At present, the sector of app development in education apps is fast growing because of the growing demand from various market niches. Education apps were first introduced by Apple and today, the App Store has a wide collection of different education apps for all ages. This just shows to prove that app development for iPhone is still a growing industry and developers have various ways to monetize their applications. It is possible to monetize iPhone apps using the right type of marketing strategy whether it is a business app, education app, or entertainment app.

Monetizing iPhone apps is one of the indicator for significant growth in iPhone app development because it means a wave of information dissemination must be implemented which can further contribute to its rising popularity. When iPhone users are satisfied with the way the application works, they will certainly help in spreading the word about that particular application. This is an indirect way of advertising but it works much better sometimes. 

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