Malta Nightlife and Clubbing

Malta’s nightlife is unique and exciting, with a large choice of venues in close proximity and offering a new clubbing experience from what you’re used to back home. Nightlife in Malta consists mainly of clubs concentrated nearby St. Julian’s (in the Central/North part of Malta), referred to as Paceville, and open air clubs that are particularly popular on Friday and Sunday nights.


Paceville (St. Julian’s area) offers a wide array of clubs and bars to suit most musical tastes. All clubs are concentrated in the center of Paceville and the area’s always full of party people on weekends and radiates with energy. There’s something for everyone: trance clubs, R&B and hip-hop joints, salsa bars and alternative/rock bars. Besides clubs you’ll also find other kinds of entertainment in Paceville, including Malta’s largest cinema, a bowling alley, sports bars and gentlemen’s clubs.

Open air clubs in Malta

If you love clubbing then you should definitely not miss out on the fantastic open air parties that take place in a number of venues in Malta and Gozo. Look out for well-known clubs like Gianpula and Numero Uno. They’re not easy to reach by public transport, but hiring bus transport for the evening is not very expensive and well worth it!


Sliema and the coastline up to neighbouring St Julian’s constitutes Malta’s main coastal resort. It is a centre for shopping, restaurants and caf’e life. Sliema is also a major commercial and residential area and houses several of Malta’s most recent hotels.

Mellieha is a large village in the north-western part of Malta, the largest island of the Republic of Malta. This village of approximately 7,500 inhabitants is a popular resort town in the summer.

Valletta is located on the north-eastern coast of Malta, the main island of the Republic of Malta. This town of approximately 6,300 inhabitants is the capital of Malta and is known as the ‘City of Knights’. It has two natural harbours that are able to accommodate trading ships and cruise liners.

Mdina is located in the centre of the island of Malta, the largest island of the Republic of Malta. This small settlement of approximately 250 inhabitants is the island’s old capital.

Mdina is believed to have been inhabited more than 5000 years. Since it is located on the highest point on the island it was fortified almost 2500 years ago as it served as a vantage point to spot invaders.


Gozo is the second largest island of the group of islands that form the Republic of Malta. This island of approximately 31,000 inhabitants has a largely rural ambience. Besides a beautiful coastline and sandy beaches, the rest of the terrain is made up of craggy hilltops and lush valleys.

The prehistoric Ggantija Temple Complex in Gozo is said to be the oldest free-standing stone structure known to mankind.

Natural attractions on the island include Mellieha (Malta’s biggest beach), the Dingli Cliffs (plunging at least 220 m down) and the beautiful Blue Grotto.

Malta’s Mosta Dome is the fourth largest unsupported dome in the world and is visible from any vantage point on the island. The sixteenth century St John’s Co-Cathedral (whose design set the pattern for future Maltese churches) and the St Paul’s Church at Rabatare also popular among tourists.

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