Water Sports- Importance of Kayaks and Wetsuits

Water sports are gaining popularity in recent times all over the world. These sports are popular in the warmer countries rather than the colder countries. The reason is the cold weather and temperature. It was the time when the wetsuits were invented and water sports like surfing, kayaking etc. started gaining popularity even in the colder countries. These water sports gear protect you from both sun and water. These suits also help protecting your skin from getting rashes because of the salt water of the ocean. There are different types of wetsuits available in the market. Few types of wetsuits are just like T-shirts and cover the body part waist up. These suits come as full and short sleeves. Another type looks like vest. It is one of the mostly used ones in this category.

Sailing kayaks is also a type of water sport. These relatively small boats are human-powered to propel. Two-bladed paddles propel kayaks. A traditional kayak is a covered deck with one or more than one cockpit. Each of these cockpits can accommodate one person. In some of the kayaks a skirt type of a leather cover, which is called spraydeck, covers the cockpit. The modern day kayaks are just the modified version of the traditional kayaks and people fond of kayaking prefer wearing wetsuits for keep them as dry as possible.

Those modifications are made in various ways. In the new kayaks, the cockpit is eliminated and it is replaced by an on-the-top seating arrangement. The boat is surrounded by an inflated air-filled chamber and one hull replaced by twin ones. The most important feature of these boats is the paddles are replaced by other method of propulsion. Those other method of propulsion includes flippers, which are rotational propellers that are given power by feet movement. These days, kayaking is incomplete without wearing wetsuits.

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