Water Sports and Invention of Wetsuits

No water sport is complete without proper and good wetsuits. This sport was not in existence a few years back. In the earlier time, the water sports were only popular in the warm countries and because of cold temperature in the colder countries, people were not very comfortable in going into the water. There were many people who wanted to explore the water sports area, but because of the temperature that become a horrible experience for them. <a href=”http://www.stcstores.co.uk”>Wetsuits</a> came in existence to bring some relief to them.

The wetsuits are made up of neoprene and are meant to keep your body warm and protected. Many manufacturers manufacture wetsuits. Rashguard is a type of wetsuit, which is made up of lightest cloth possible. This was the first type of suit and was not regarded as wetsuit as it was not made of Lycra. The main aim for this was to protect one from sun and rashes. The other type is the wetsuit top, which is very thin and covers your body from waist up and the arms. Wetsuit vest is another type, which is similar to the wetsuit top. Shorty, spring, short and long John wetsuits are other types.

While, poppy pods are used to prepare many products and those products are generally narcotic in nature. A type of opiate alkaloid known as morphine is secreted from the walls of the dried <a href=”http://www.stcstores.co.uk”>poppy pods</a>. The seedpod releases opium when scratched. These seedpods are available from live flowers. Opium from the poppy pods acts as natural defensive equipment for the plant from various predators. Opium is sometimes consumed by mixing with tea as well and this tea has both analgesic and anti-diarrhea effect.

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