Fun Filled Puerto Banus Weekends

Puerto Banus is one of the fun filled cities in Spain. This city is hugely popular among the young crowd for a great weekend bash – both locals and tourists. The city has seen numerous stag and hen weekends. This article will tell you a little brief about Puerto Banus weekends. There are various types of weekends that Puerto Banus has seen – for hens, stags, corporates etc. Let us explore the fun experience of these bashes.

Costa del Sol is the place that is getting hugely popular in recent time for both Puerto Banus hen and stag weekend parties. The 320 days of great weather, friendly local people and diverse locations have made this place an ideal choice. All these ingredients make Puerto Banus an ideal place of stag weekends outside your country. Having a fun time in bars, visiting a lap dancing club or a strip club and trying your luck in casinos include the night time entertainment. Costa del Sol itself has casino to play the games. Football, beach sports, paintball, golf etc. include the day time activities that can keep you busy.

Puerto Banus is also a happening place for hen weekends. There are many day time activities that can keep you busy. Pole dancing, salsa dancing, go karting, various water sports etc. are the day time fun. In the evening there are night clubs, male strip clubs etc. to entertain you. Just barge in to these happening places with the group and get the fun filled experience of your life.

Apart from these weekends, Puerto Banus is also popular for corporate weekends. Both large and small companies choose weekend fun for their employees in Puerto Banus. The best thing worth mentioning here is you have lot of fun in Puerto Banus weekends at an affordable cost.

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