Key Factors to Consider in Greeting Cards Printing

Do you know what key features will actually make that big difference for your greeting cards? Well, if you ask a greeting card printer, they will tell you that the materials will matter in developing greeting cards. Ask a layout artist about it and they will of course tell you that it is about the layout. Ask a photographer or graphic artist and they will say the images will make that big difference for most birthday cards and other custom greeting cards.

The truth however is that it is a mix of different key factors that make up the foundation of greeting cards printing and design. That mix of factors is the big features that actually make a difference in the look and feel of custom greeting cards. Let me explain to you precisely by discussing each of these factors so that you will know how to develop these feature properly in your wholesale greeting card printing.

1. The template – In any type of bulk greeting card printing, a base template is used to make the job easier. You should realize early on though that those templates will be the big determining factor for your greeting cards. They will decide the foundation of your layout, and all the other major design choices you have.

That is how important this element, hence you must be truly careful and thoughtful with what template you will be using. Never just use the most common template. Decide on what will be most appropriate for your chosen concept.

2. That personal greeting message – The message is the big “product” of greeting card printing. It is the greeting that will be communicated towards readers of course. How you compose that greeting will make a big difference in terms of the impact and reception of these greeting cards. Choose too safely and your greeting cards will become boring and generic.

Choose too wildly and people might think the greeting is too personal, too odd or just won’t be able to understand it. That is why you must compose this carefully and write something truly meaningful for the sake of your readers.

3. The highly creative greeting card design – Your design of course is also the big deciding factor in the success and failure of your greeting cards. The design mind you, is a combination of the graphics, photographs, font styles, backgrounds and overall design finish of custom greeting cards.

If you want it to make a difference, you must not only match the prevailing trends in terms of greeting card design. You should always try to be highly creative and innovate. Without that original and innovative spirit in your greeting cards, these prints will be bound to look common and boring. So work hard and compose your card designs to make a difference.

4. The distinct additional card feature – Another thing that will make a large difference in the design of your greeting cards is that additional distinct card feature beyond just the main design. For example, this can be a whole in the greeting card, or it can be clipped of corners, slits, extra folds etc.

Whatever that extra feature is, it will make a significant contribution towards the impact of these greeting cards. This is because it will make your cards more highly memorable and even worth keeping if this is done creatively enough. If you think you need your greeting cards to be extra special, then you should definitely note that concepts like these additional card features will make a big difference.

5. The quality of the paper and inks – Lastly, there is no doubt that the paper and inks used in greeting card printing play a big factor in the look, feel and overall reception of your greeting cards. The highest quality paper and inks are always recommended as they will make designs look more impressive. Use cheaper thinner paper and expect to also earn less than ideal reactions. That is the effect of the quality of the materials. That is why they also make a big difference.

Take note of all these when you design greeting cards. Knowing what makes the difference and composing them properly are the key factors in succeeding with these prints.

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