iMovie to AVI Converter,easy to Export and Converter iMovie to AVI on mac

iMovie export as avi problem on a Mac OS X
iMovie makes it easy for Mac users to edit their video clips. Then they can upload them to blogs, share them through YouTube, recreate versions fitting iPod, iPhone and Apple TV, or play on iTunes, QuickTime.

But when you try to save the resultant imovie projects in the format .avi and export it to other handy editing applications or storage devices, it wont work fine and you even cannot get the complete movie. So what can you do to solve this problem?

How to export an iMovie project as a avi file on Mac OS?
Before we get started, here are some ins and outs about how iMovie worked when you manipulate video files in it. To my certain knowledge, when you imported the avi file into iMovie, it virtually would have converted it to DV footage, since iMovie can only manage DV-Standard and HDV (High Definition Video)as well as MPEG-2 and MPEG-4 footage (formats often used for recording video on mobile phones).In fact, iMovie would do the conversion from avi, wmv, mpeg etc to DV. You would ask -Is it possible to export an iMovie project as an avi file after you finish the editing?

Convert imovie video files to avi/wmv/mpg on Mac and save imovie project to .avi with Mac OS X.
There is a good bet ahead of us-export iMovie to AVI Converter, which has a powerful codec pack built-in, can encode and convert almost any popular video clips like DV,HDV,MOV to AVI,WMV,MPG with fast conversion speed and superb quality.

One of the benefits about this export iMovie to AVI Converter is that the ratio aspect can be set before the conversion took place. Say, your iMovie project is 16:9 in aspect ratio, other applications prefer read it as 4:3, in this case you can manually define the exact ratio aspect you want the avi to be, for example 4:3 or whatever according to your special need.

Guide: How to convert imovie to avi,wmv,mpg on Mac OS X?

Step 1: Free download imovie to avi converter and install it.
The interface can be seen like this:

Step2: Click “Add file“button to load imovie files.
Under Profile option, choose avi Format (*.avi) as output video format.
Under Desternation option, click “Browse” to choose the folder you want the converted avi file to store.

Now is the time for you to set the ratio aspect to your satisfaction,just click”Edit” on the main pannel and choose the relevent option.

Click “convert”button to start convert mod files to wmv format with fast conversion speed!

Ok, we have already finished the process of converting imovie to avi, why not download it now and try it by yourself with this imovie to avi converter to convert imovie files to avi and enjoy it on your Mac!

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