Overwhelm your Senses in the city of ‘The Dragon Dance’ with Direct Flights to Hong Kong

Hong Kong, the Oriental Pearl, is simply amazing! It is one of the world’s leading financial, banking and trading centres. It is made up of four parts: Hong Kong Island, Kowloon Peninsula, the New Territories and the Outlying Islands. It would be hard to find a more exciting city than Hong Kong set among beautiful natural surroundings that has all the benefits of a thriving and vibrant commercial centre. It is also a major travel destination which overwhelms the senses with its stunning scenery and lively street life where east meets west. Hong Kong means `fragrant harbour` but much has changed over the years with the rapid expansion of tower blocks, traffic, population and industry.

Hong Kong’s Attraction Vault

Hong Kong offers a host of memorable awe-inspiring attractions to tourists taking Direct Hong Kong Flights. You’ll be amazed by the diverse contrasts and close proximity of stunning cityscapes and soaring mountains, heritage sites and the extensive green countryside. Few of the highlighted attractions in the city that will certainly exceed your expectations are: The Peak, Victoria Harbour, Ocean Park, Repulse Bay, the Outlying Islands and the Global Geopark of China and not to forget the Giant Bronze Buddha.

Hong Kong’s Appetite Vault

No other city in the world boasts quite as eclectic a dining scene as the one in Hong Kong. The local eateries doling out thin noodles served with some of the best wonton shrimp dumplings, or delicious slices of tender barbecued meat piled atop bowls of fragrant jasmine rice. At noodle-centric restaurants, fish-ball soup with ramen noodles is an excellent choice, and the goose, suckling pig, honeyed pork, and soy-sauce chicken are good bets at the roast-meat shops. Street foods are another must-try if you have the chance, visit a daipai dong (outdoor food stall) and try the local specialties. You may miss all this if you don’t board Direct Flights to Hong Kong.

Hong Kong’s Shopping Vault

Whether you shop in modern air-conditioned arcades or more traditional street markets, the range of goods available in Hong Kong is vast. It’s a rarefied shopping experience and this hood is all about bargains, and it’s a different world from the organized chaos of Central’s covered walkways. Whether you’re after classic Chinese souvenirs, jewellery, gadgets, clothes, shoes, or brand-name rip-offs, it’s all here. Keep your valuables tucked away safely, and keep that map in your hand. Nathan Road itself is the best landmark for the curious tourists who like to shop boarding Direct Hong Kong Flights.

Hong Kong’s Night Vault

Hong Kong provides an effervescent nightlife. Most vacationers can sample the unique and delightful nightlife by taking a luxury night cruise over Victoria Harbour; visit pubs, bars, nightclubs; or stroll in the bubbling streets with the locals. One can’t just sit back and watch. Most bars and pubs are mass in east TsimShaTsui, LanKwai Fong and Wan Chai. The gem is LanKwai Fong, which has become the icon of nightlife. You can also book Direct Flights to Beijing with Crystal Travel and make your trip memorable.

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