Jaunt the Territory of Past Dominion and Dynasties with Direct Flights to Beijing

Beijing is undeniably one of the world’s most visited cities on the travel plan. Every year, millions of visitors flock to Beijing to see the capital of China, a great blend of old and new. It is a city for all seasons. You can always find something for you no matter what time you are in Beijing and whatever your interests are. It stands out as the confluence of the thousand years of history, communalism and the ultra-modern reality.

Extreme Beijing Climate

The conurbation experiences a humid continental type climate with hot, humid summers especially in June & July and cold, windy winters mainly in the month of January and it’s glacial outside. Autumn is the perfect month to visit the capital city and tourists book Direct Beijing Flights quite early and flock in the city to enjoy the pleasant clear sky and breezy days.

Places of Awe and Wonder

There are actually hundreds of tourist scenic spots and historical sites in Beijing. The mysterious Forbidden City (the historical centre of Beijing), which contains the Palace Museum with imperial collection of Chinese art. Gardens, parks and beautiful spaces including the Beihai, Jingshan, Zhongshan and Shichahai surround it. The Beihai Park is famous for its Chinese gardening art and attracts many tourists to board early Direct Flights to Beijing. The Beijing Botanical Garden inhabits more than six thousand plant species, both native and exotic. The Beijing Zoo homes many rare, endangered animals like the giant panda and many more. Tourists ponder upon these legacies of China and feel the magic of nature. Do not miss the opulent temples and palaces, and huge stalls and gates. There’s so much in the city that it cannot be penned down. Seeing is believes!

The Modern Nightlife

As the capital of China, Beijing gathers people from all over the world. The prosperity of the city has endowed Beijing with varied and colorful nightlife. The diversify nightlife in Beijing is suitable for different groups of people, especially for young people, they can go out to spend their night time at cinemas, theatres, nightclubs, and dance halls. Some aged people may like to watch Beijing opera at cinemas or drink in the teahouses. Many embark Direct Flights to Beijing to watch Kungfu shows and acrobatics shows.

Are you a Food Fanatic?

Beijing cuisine has salty and rich flavours. You will discover that rice is much more popular as the main staple of the Chinese diet. Wheat products such as noodles, flat breads, dumplings and steamed buns are as popular too. Peking duck is the most famous cuisine Beijing can offer and one must taste it on visiting the city. The Fuling Jiabing is the traditional snack; it is a pancake with a filling of fu-ling. International cuisine from pizza to mezze is served in chic surrounds of Chaoyang District and on Houhai Lake’s bank. So hurry and grab your tickets and board Direct Beijing Flights to fly to the phenomenal destination. You can also book Direct Flights to Nanjing with Crystal Travel and make your trip memorable.

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