How to Make Your Business Envelopes Unique

Some business envelopes excel easily in marketing while other less than ideal envelopes just crash and get classified as junk mail. The factors that determine this go beyond the envelope printer who actually printed those envelopes. If we look at how people actually design and develop those discount envelopes, you will see that there are key factors that do make a big difference in the finished product.

If you want your business envelopes to of course always be on the successful side of the equation, it will be pivotal that you know about those correct key factors. Let me discuss with you, item by item the five major factors that do represent a big influence on the impact and performance of coloured envelopes. Learning about them will be a big help in how you should develop the features of your own unique business envelopes.

1. The envelope color – The color is a big deciding factor of your business envelopes. You should realize by now that white envelopes do not cut it too much these days, and more or less that option should be out for you, especially if you want to make waves with these cheap quality envelopes.

What will make a huge difference is if you go for more distinct colors that people do not normally see. Besides being totally visible and eye catching, they will also be more memorable, getting their content read easily. So realize now that you will want to decide on a good envelop color as it will mean big with regards to their visibility and performance.

2. The logo marker – The logo you place on your envelope printing designs does count a lot. It is where people measure the official nature of your business envelopes. They judge the authority of your business envelope through the quality and impressive nature of your logos and supporting images.

Hence, you will want to be careful in composing your logo markers for business envelopes. Make sure that you use high resolution full color quality logos and images so that even your cheap craft envelopes will look like they have the authority and trustworthy nature to earn the attention of your readers.

3. The text font style –The main content of most business envelopes is text of course. That means that the font style will make a big difference in how people will perceive these prints. Use old style fonts commonly used by amateurs and your envelopes will be branded as amateurs. Use creative styled fonts and they will of course consider your mails as more of a casual type print. Of course, if you use professional type web 2.0 fonts that will imbue a more modern sleek value to your prints. That is the power of the text font style, so decide on what you want to use very carefully.

4. The paper quality – Printing cheap envelopes online typically allows you to choose specific paper material options easily. This is a good thing because the paper quality and paper finishes will make a big difference on how your envelopes will look overall.

Use thin and rough paper and you will look cheap with these envelopes of course. Use thick and glossy paper and they might think it is another marketing type envelope print. So be careful as you choose your printing materials as they will have a direct effect on the impression of people with your envelopes.

5. Extra marketing headlines – Lastly, if you are the type of designer that uses extra headlines in business envelopes, you should realize that they can also be a big contributing factor in the performance of such prints. Using cliché headlines will probably work against your envelopes of course since people already read too much of those.

Use something very specific and targeted however directly for your goal readers and you will see that they will elicit more positive responses from your business mails. So take note of this as they will be a big determining factor in your campaign.

Now that you know the major feature that make a big difference in envelopes, hopefully you will take great care in deciding precisely how those features are developed and composed. Good luck!

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