Exploit the Fascinating gist boarding Direct Flights to Delhi

The rowdy, crowded, intrigued, spiced and mesmerising capital city of Delhi is indeed the cultural capital of India. This city is the most culturally diverse conurbation in whole of India. The city that never sleeps has constant hustle and bustle comprising the seven cities built by emperor from time to time. Under the breathtaking skyline of Delhi one can find a variety of people with different caste and religion. Hence one can say that it is one the most contrasting city in the world. Under the united skyline lies ample of spaces to discover including the ancient Old Delhi and the bustling New Delhi, get soaked in the culture and lifestyle of the India.

Sight the Jewels of this Ancient City

National Museum of Natural History: The National Museum of Natural History is situated in New Delhi. Board Direct Flights to Delhi and visit this small and well documented museum which is the best place to view the varied flora and fauna of India. It is located in the FICCI building at Barakhambha road and was opened on 5th June 1978. It was the brain child of former Prime Minister Smt. Indira Gandhi. It has several different rooms which can be explored and is endowed with interactive and informative tours throughout the museum premises. It boasts of several specialized galleries keeping different target audience in mind who travel to this city taking Direct Delhi Flights.

Crafts Museum: Fly with Flights to Delhi to exploit and explore the next key museum known as the Crafts Museum. It is one of the best places to sight art at its best. The Crafts Museum is located at the Pragati Maidan and showcases many Indian handicrafts items along with a first-hand experience of craftsmen at work. One can find the rarest and exquisite pieces of art and craft which are collected selectively from all across India. This museum was established in the year1956 and aims to showcase and promote the works of native artisans. One can find the mud huts, adorned with folk art and tribal exhibits, and artifacts such as the woodcarvings, paintings, paper-mache and embroidery, attract the tourists very much. One can also buy souvenirs like the ritual objects, ornaments, rugs, shawls and books. It can be bought either from the craftsmen or from the museum itself.

National Museum: The National Museum is one of the largest museums in Delhi and is sited at the Janpath. This museum offers a unique insight into the history and culture of this majestic land. With Direct Flights to Delhi get a chance to sight the wide array of displays, depicting the 5000 years of Indian history. The three floors of the museum present impressive and priceless pieces of Indian art and sculpture that have been arranged in galleries, according to the period to which they belong. Sculptures such as the Dancing Girl from Mohenjodaro belonging to 2,500 BC, the Moghul period paintings & Arabian manuscripts are some of the prized possessions here put on display at this museum. There is also a collection of Indian miniature paintings, from Mughal, Rajasthani and Pahari schools, and simple stone Neolithic Tools, dating back to 3,000 -1,500 BC which are the favorites of travellers.

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