5 Custom Elements for Effective Business Cards

Many businessmen and businesswomen often rely on card templates in creating their business cards. You cannot blame them of course. Using templates not only helps them keep those cards cheap, but it also makes it easier to deal with the business card printer.

Before you go printing these trade prints using templates though, let me talk to you about customization and how a few customized elements can actually be a great thing for your high quality cards. I know that this might add some more cost, and of course require you to put in more effort for your full color business cards, but after reading the items below, you will see why it might be worth investing in them.

1. Customized fonts – There are tons of available fonts for use in business card printing. So why is it worth it using custom fonts? Well, the word that you need to understand in this case is originality. Many other people are usually using those easily available fonts in their cards, just because they are easily available.

That being the case, you will not want to go with the flow and use the fonts they use as well. The only way to ensure that you have your own original look is of course to make one yourself. This is done of course by developing your own custom fonts. Luckily for you, there are now online services that can help you develop your own fonts. Just use a search engine, and you should see hundreds of results for this. Once you get those and develop your designs, you should be ready to print original looking business cards online easily.

2. Customized templates – Another good thing that you should think of customizing are your business card templates. For most people, the standard sized card is enough for their needs. While this is easy to design for and build upon, it will also still look like most other corporate cards out there.

For a more unique and memorable print however, you will want to do your business card printing using a more customized template with altered dimensions and guidelines. This gives you a more compellingly original card look that will pop out against other rivals out there.

3. Original custom images – You can also gain a lot by using your own original images. I know that clip-arts and easily copied images online is a lot more convenient and easy, however this is will not impart any real originality and distinction to your business card printing. Compared to originally composed and developed photographs and graphics, you will see that the originally created ones look a lot more interesting, and of course a lot more adapted to your needs.

So why not make the effort in creating your own images? It is easy enough these days, and more or less free of charge for you. You’ll get an original look to boot for your custom business cards.

4. Original custom slogans – On the back of cards, you do have the opportunity to add extra content, including customized slogans. Be it your own personal business slogan, or a special headline for your marketing campaign, it would be a good idea to have this type of content in your color business cards. Having that extra content at the back of your card encourages readers to engage your card a lot longer, and of course help you make a better impact on them.

5. An original custom feature – Lastly, one big customized element that you should really consider using big time is a specialized custom feature. This can be an embedded material in the card itself (such as glitter inks) or it can be something like special holes, cuts and lists.

These types of custom features give your business cards its own distinct personality that will effectively make a mark on readers. This is something you would want especially if your identity cards are used for business networking and marketing all the time.

So as you can see, there are many custom elements that you can add on to your cards which will benefit you and your prints. It is all about making that extra effort really. It is a small sacrifice to gain great benefits for your business cards, why don’t you at least try one out?

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