Mac PDF To EPUB Converter Upgraded For More IPod IPhone Users

An EPUB Publication can be thought of as a reliable packaging of Web content that represents a digital book, magazine, or other type of publication, and able to distributed for online and offline consumption.

The Newest EPUB is Version 3.0(EPUB 3), EPUB 3 Changes from EPUB 2.0.1, describes changes made in the third major revision of EPUB, including some rationale for the changes, and some guidance for content authors and Reading System developers regarding backwards compatibility considerations.

It’s glad EPUB 3 has been standardized and released in 2011 an it brings us the following new features:

EPUB Publications 3.0 , which defines publication-level semantics and overarching conformance requirements for EPUB Publications.

EPUB Content Documents 3.0 , which defines profiles of XHTML, SVG and CSS for use in the context of EPUB Publications.

EPUB Open Container Format (OCF) 3.0 , which defines a file format and processing model for encapsulating a set of related resources into a single-file (ZIP) Container.

EPUB Media Overlays 3.0 , which defines a format and a processing model for synchronization of text and audio.

Fortunately,Doremisoft Mac PDF To EPUB Converter can support EPUB 3 well .And it is specially designed for Mac eBook lovers to have better reading experience on their ebook readers like iPad, iPhone, iPod Touch, Sony Reader, Barnes & Noble nook, and more EPUB supporting devices, after converting PDF to EPUB eBook format.

Doremisoft PDF to ePub Converter for Mac is a user friendly Mac application for converting the PDFs to e-reader compatible ePub format. Simply add your PDF files to the program and then click “Convert” to have them converted! The Mac PDF to ePub Converter supports batch converting, specify page range, keep original, ignore images, ignore hyperlinks and select output ePub format, etc.

Reference: The following eBook devices can support EPUB format:
Apple iPad (using iBooks), iPhone and iPod Touch, Sony Reader, Android devices, Barnes & Noble nook, Hanlin eReader, COOL-ER, eSlick, Bookeen Cybook Gen3, Cybook Opus, iRex Digital Reader 1000, iRex Digital Reader 800, PocketBook Reader, etc.

Its Various preservation options:
Keep original text, images, hyperlinks, etc.-the default mode.
Choose whether to preserve hyperlinks, image or not.
Support saving original pages as images in output EPUB ebooks.

Pricing and Availability:
Doremisoft Mac PDF to EPUB Converter is priced at only $49.95 for more ebook users.

About Doremisoft:
Doremisoft is a professional software company dedicated to the research, development and producing of pdf solutions. Doremisoft has focused on delivering high-quality, easy-to-use, innovative for ebook readers.In 2012,Doremisoft upgraded all the pdf tools for eBooks readers.For more info, please visit:

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