Putting Postcards in the Marketing Mix

For years, the postcards have become one of the trusted marketing tools of businesses. But with the introduction of social media, email marketing, and online ads, it seems that these humble cards have somehow lost their appeal. A lot of businesses these days prefer to send electronic mail when communicating with their clients and customers. However, it is important to note that there are customers and instances when a printed material is most appropriate to use. There are still people who prefer to receive printed ads so they will do everything to resist online ads. This is why it is still important to include the marketing postcards in your marketing mix.

If designed and printed effectively, postcards can be a great way to deliver your message across without spending big bucks. They will save you a lot of time and money especially when keeping in touch with customers. Because they are also handy, they can be easily carried around and shown to other people. To make sure your postcards are impressive and compelling, here’s what you need to do:

– Make sure your message is brief and clear. Your recipients should easily understand your message and what you want them to do before they decide to throw away your card. A short and direct copy will mean the difference between a card that will be read and one that will be thrown away without being read.

– Give only a teaser of your message. Remember that your cards don’t have a lot of room to accommodate a lot of details nor is it designed to close a sale. It is best if you give only the overview and encourage your readers to contact you in order to know more.

– Include visually appealing images. One great image on your custom postcards will help a lot in making your cards attractive. Make sure though not to crowd your design with too many images otherwise your message will look confusing. Opt for just one big image rather than putting several small images.

– Print postcards with a strong call to action. You have to include an incentive or reward on your cards in order to convince your target customers to take action right away. Make sure to make the incentive or reward exciting to get immediate response.

– Handwrite your signature or some of your message. This will add to the personal appeal of your cards. Make sure though that your cards are not quoted so you can write on them.

– You can always use templates to design your cards, but for a creative touch you might want to create your own custom design. You can still use the templates for ideas, but be sure not to copy them. A little help from your trusted graphic designer will make sure you create interesting and attractive color postcards.

– Use your artistic side. Don’t be scared to bring out your artistic side on your printed postcards. Create a design and copy that will bring out the best in you and your business.

Remember that postcards are still ideal marketing tools. Even if some people will say that it is obsolete, there is still gold from this material. Follow the tips above to make sure you utilize the fullest potential of your postcards.

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