Metal lining dr dre beats designed to enhance the overall strength of the beam head

  • Ya just BH302 headset simple and stable design tends style headphones as a whole to black color, at the ear using a high-gloss black with a silver ring decorated, so that the appearance of the headset does not seem monotonous.
  • Foldable headset design seems to rarely see, ya just BH302, too, does not use folding design.
  • However, the headset’s ear can be rotated 90 degrees, while dre beats ear can also beats pro be adjusted up and down a small angle, in addition to more portable, it can also fit the maximum degree of the head, to ensure wearing comfort.

it is worth beats pro noting

  1. Ya just BH302 headset first beam using scalable design, the dr dre beats first main beam is still plastic, metal lining dr dre beats designed to enhance the overall strength of the beam head.
  2. Headphones with a soft leather ear pad design, wearing comfort is good, long wearing and will not bring significant fatigue.
  3. Functional areas outside of the left ear, turn key design and call in the middle, and in the design of functional areas next to the power LED and invisible microphone, power indicator used to indicate the current operating state, and is invisible to the microphone the daily voice use.
  4. Ya just BH302 headset through the random allocation of power adapter, the headset’s charging port and the common miniUSB interface is different, but to do that charge will have dre beats to keep the power adapter, it is worth noting .

this headset dre beats emphasis on low-frequency

Ya just BH302 headset is positioned in the mid-priced headset Bluetooth headset mainstream. Ya just beats pro BH302 main simple stable design, and full-face designed for users of similar products can bring a little of the wear comfort. This headset is not complicated to use, although we will be very difficult with the outside source 10 m using a headset, but more than ten meters away from using the basis that it is good quality. Sound quality, this headset emphasis on low-frequency, more suitable for the performance of popular music. dr dre beats

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