Federal Reserve’s Promise on Interest Rates Sends Gold Soaring to $1725 says Pan American Metals of Miami

News that interest rates will remain near zero till late 2014 sends commodities soaring.

MIAMI, FL – While investors may well have been waiting for the latest news to come from the Federal Open Market Committee’s meeting, there was likely not a whole lot of nail biting going on. The FOMC was not expected to come out with anything very exciting. It was something of a shock therefore when they came out with a declaration that interest rates would stay near zero through late 2014! Additionally, Chairman Ben Bernanke stated that he was preparing for “large-scale asset purchases” – a nice pseudonym for a further round of quantitative easing.

This news sent assets, precious metals included, soaring as investors went on a buying spree and gold gained $75 overnight. Low interest rates encourage spending and are therefore seen as beneficial to the economy, stimulating growth. At the same time, low rates devalue the dollar and herald inflation; both excellent news for gold prices as investors rush to find a safe haven that has been proven to hold its value and provide them with an inflation hedge.

“The FOMC’s actions may have come as a surprise to many, who did not anticipate such an overt move at this stage,” says Bill Hionas, CEO of Pan American Metals of Miami, a South Florida precious metals company. “Any threat of quantitative easing, in any form, will send gold prices soaring; gold bullion provides wealth protection and cash becomes worthless given interest rates that, in ‘real’ terms, are actually negative.”

Pan American Metals of Miami trades in precious metals bullion: gold, silver, platinum and palladium.

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