A Los Angeles Immigration Lawyer for Special Immigration Programs

Immigration Lawyers are legal professionals who guide clients through the process of applying for a visa or green card to immigrate to the United States. The entire process of applying for a travel document can be quite confusing, especially when several policies and laws govern the processing of the document. The processing also requires payment of the application fees and other fees related to requesting legal documents and certificates from government agencies. Furthermore, payment is needed to enlist the services of a Los Angeles Immigration Attorney.

The most common routes in obtaining permanent residency status in the United States include employment and sponsorship by a relative-citizen. In the case of employment-based permanent residency, the employer provides a letter of justification that explains why the company needs the foreign national to continue employment with the company. For family-based immigration petitions, a U. S. citizen-relative files an application to bring-in a loved one. Immigration Lawyers have helped thousands of clients submit the proper and required legal papers to immigrate to America.

However, in some instances, a foreign national can apply for permanent residency status to the United States without going through the employment- or family-based routes. According to the immigration bureau of the United States, other special programs are in place through which an applicant can obtain a green card. Immigration Lawyers in Los Angeles are quite familiar with these other available routes to travel or to obtain permanent residency status.

These other ways of obtaining a green card may differ from setting to setting. Firstly, these routes have specific requirements for eligibility, depending on the actual nature of the admission program. In addition, some of these application routes may not be available all-year round, unlike employment- and family-based immigration applications, which can be filed at any time. A Los Angeles Immigration Lawyer will have up-to-date knowledge about the application season for each kind of immigration route.

In order to better understand these additional routes to obtaining a green card, this article cites specific examples that may not be familiar to our readers. One of the most recent special immigration programs is the Help Haiti Act of 2010, wherein victims of the recent earthquake in Haiti can apply for permanent residency to the U. S. in order to rebuild their lives. Immigration Lawyers in Los Angeles have assisted in this special kind of immigration program in the last few years. Another example of a special immigration program involves American Indians who were born in Canada. Compared to the more common routes that are based on work or petitions, this program provides an easier route for these specific persons to obtain a green card. Further, a foreign national who is a member of any of the United States Armed Forces is also eligible to apply under a special immigration program. Persons identified as victims of human trafficking can also take this special application route. Additional information on the application process can be obtained by consulting a Los Angeles Immigration Lawyer. These legal professionals are knowledgeable of any changes made to a specific immigration process and thus can be valuable advisers to applicants.

Furthermore, foreign diplomats stationed in the United States often bring their spouses and children to their duty station. Under U. S. immigration policy, in the case that a foreign diplomat has another child during their duty in the United States, that child is eligible to receive permanent residency status. An Immigration Lawyer can facilitate in the processing of the green card. Interestingly, citizens of Cuba also can apply for a green card using this special immigration program. Thus, all foreign nationals who apply entry into the U. S. need to know if they are eligible under one of the several special-program options provided for by U. S. immigration policy. In order to receive the full details of alternative options for resettling in the United States, we recommend that you consult a Los Angeles Immigration Lawyer.

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Attorney Paul Young Choi, a Los Angeles Immigration Lawyer, is highly knowledgeable of the various routes to obtaining a green card. Aside from work-based or family-based petitions, Los Angeles Immigration Attorneys can identify other application routes for an applicant. Visit the Choi law firm and meet the team of Immigration Lawyers in Los Angeles or go to PChoiLaw.com

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