Explore the Innovative Tinsel Town taking Flights to Mumbai

Hollywood of India, rich yet achingly poor, city of shores and shares – that is Mumbai, previously known as Bombay. An endless enchanting city of gold and dreams for many, yet a tourist stopper, Mumbai has emerged as the financial capital of India with its highest tax paying and as an international trade hub. A home to the affluent industrialists, celebrities, workers, teachers, doctors and clerks – all existing cheek by jowl in the soaring sky touching and sprawling slums that comprises of diverse ethnic backgrounds and speak over a dozen tongues adding to the charm, colour, flavour and texture of this great city of Mumbai. You don’t want to miss digging in the savoury foodstuff that Mumbai offers whether it’s in the comforting restaurants or grabbing a bite at the multitudes of stalls while strolling along the beach and filling up with the lip smacking delicacies.

The ‘Now or Never’ Concept

Boarding Flights to Mumbai opens and enables you to discover unique and interesting sights that are more than compensating. You will find everything from beaches to Bollywood, from fashion to fishes while enjoying a vast cultural break-through. Break-free into the city while feeling the sand and wade through the sea at the Juhu Beach or at the Marine Drive. Shout through the nerve cracking and thrilling experience of the rides at Essel World or quench your thirst of tranquillity and calmness at the many religious sites. Mumbai offers it all to the tourists on a mission to enjoy their holidays taking Cheap Flights to Mumbai.  Travellers can marvel at the Gateway of India and drench in the historical backgrounds while relishing the picnic experience at the Hanging Gardens of Mumbai. Families will certainly love escaping to the Elephanta Caves through the sea excursions. Tourist attraction in Mumbai offers one with a wide eclectic range of historic buildings, renowned museums and tours through India’s commercial Film City that churns out 100’s of blockbusters every year leaving you hankering for more.

The Bewitching Nightlife of Mumbai

Mumbai is an enigmatic city that shot its fame as ‘the city that never sleeps’. This cosmopolitan takes you to a different world no matter what time of the night you venture out, you are sure to find arrays of entertainment, hypnotic lights that sprawl upon the young lives as they attain a trance in the pulsating glitter of the city. Mumbai Flights will leave you allured to the city that enjoys and let the tourists enjoy life to the fullest without a wink. With the growing influence of western culture copious numbers of nightclubs, discotheques, lounge and bars have turned up enhancing the nightlife of this tinsel town. Herewith, the nocturnal tourists who book with Flights to Mumbai have got a wide range of places to select from.

Build your appetite in Mumbai

By alluring Cheap Flights to Mumbai one can taste a wide vibrant variety of cuisine that ranges from vegetarian and kosher meals to coastal and non-vegetarian varieties. This is a fertile land and hypnotises visitors with its lush green lining of Konkan along the west coast. It is a home of presumably the most delicious mango variety in the world called the alphonso. With change all over, Mumbai too is going through a period of rapid culinary evolution.

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