“Good Restaurant Management Teams Are Critical To Starting A Restaurant,” Says Howard Cannon, CEO of Restaurant Consultants of America

Have a restaurant dream? Then you’ve got to have a strong management team. You may have all your ducks in a row, but the management team you put into place has the power to make or break your business.

Somebody has to run the restaurant. Somebody has to manage the people. Somebody has to make all the decisions. Guess who that somebody is?

Howard Cannon, CEO of Restaurant Consultants of America and Restaurant Expert Witness, says, “Once you’ve made the decision to become a restaurant owner, you need to be prepared to manage three core things: yourself, your people, and your business. The restaurant business is full of rapid change, and the restaurant owner must be able to perform many different tasks requiring a multitude of skills, including delegating tasks.”

Mr. Cannon adds, “The restaurant business is a people business. The number of people it takes to create one positive dining experience can be mind-boggling. The core of building any team or relationship begins and ends with trust. To be successful in any business you must respect the people who work for you, the people who work with you, and the customer who pays you. And your management team must learn everything from you. It’s your responsibility to ensure that they follow your management rules. How you manage the business is the model for how they need to manage the business.”

Starting a restaurant involves a lot of work. Researching the concept, creating a plan, hiring people, looking for funding – it’s enough to make most people never get past the first dream of owning a restaurant. Cannon is an advocate of setting goals – not just for yourself and your business, but also with your management and team. He says, “Goals are wonderful—team goals are powerful. If the team gets the opportunity to set their own goals and build action plans to achieve them together, you will see more team spirit and significantly better performance. Leading people and engendering excitement within people begins by touching their hearts. It is not enough to merely understand. You must care.”

Howard Cannon is a highly recognized restaurant expert witness, consultant, analyst, and speaker. He is the author of The Complete Idiot’s Guide to Starting a Restaurant© – found in 76 countries around the globe. Mr. Cannon is the CEO of Restaurant Consultants of America and Restaurant Expert Witness, and can be reached at 800-300-5764 or via the web at RestaurantConsultantsOfAmerica.com or RestaurantExpertWitness.com.

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